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QR Code-Enhanced Gamification for Consumer Lead Generation

Revolutionize lead generation with our QR Code-backed gamification. Users seamlessly engage by scanning the QR Code, providing verified leads for businesses. The interactive Spin the Wheel Contest not only captures valuable customer data but also fosters a sense of excitement, driving product purchases through enticing rewards. This program uniquely combines customer engagement and lead generation, making it a powerful tool for businesses seeking genuine connections and increased conversions.

User Journey

Fill The Form

Enter your Name, Email Address, and Mobile Number.


Receive otp on your mobile number and get verified after entering.

Play Game

Engage in the exciting Spin the Wheel Contest


Win enticing rewards.

Company Benefits?

Verified Leads: Obtain high-quality leads with verified user information.
Interactive Engagement: The gamified approach ensures active user participation.
Encouraged Purchases: Rewards serve as a catalyst for converting leads into customers.

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