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QR Code-Enabled Channel Partner Engagement

Elevate your distribution strategy with our QR Code-enabled channel partner engagement. This program facilitates a seamless process for partners to provide essential information while being rewarded based on brand criteria. It offers companies insights into product placement, strengthens relationships with retailers through incentives, and ultimately enhances the distribution network. By fostering collaboration and rewarding participation, this program stands as a strategic asset for companies aiming to optimize their distribution channels.

User Journey:

Fill Form

Provide your Name, Upload a selfie with the product, Enter your Pin code or Retailer Code, and Verify your Mobile Number via OTP before submission


Win rewards based on pre-determined brand criteria

Company Benefits?

Insightful Analytics: Gain valuable insights into product placement and performance.
Retailer Incentives:Reward retailers, strengthening partnerships and encouraging active participation.
Distribution Network Strengthening: Increase product sales and distribution network robustness through engaged retailers.

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