Virtual Number

Virtual Mobile number and toll-free numbers

It a cloud-based mobile number for routing the incoming call to the most preferable agent based on the requirements. To enhance the market reach, brands use both national and international numbers for the incoming client calls.
Whatever be the service and size of your business- Small, Medium, or Large, nothing can bebetter in enhancing customer engagement than a cloud-based virtual business number with 24*7 Support . IT really helps in better customer engagement and satisfaction

What a virtual number do for your business?

The effective and cost-effective, customizable virtual number solutions, offered by R2Win come with the following leading edges:

Greater Conversion Rates

Monitor every inbound and outbound call, and proactively engage to drive better conversions.

Capture Quality Leads

Categorize & nurture the quality leads to offer a seamless client engagement for lesser churn.

Easy Number Masking

Greater privacy & zero lead loss with live number masking solutions to hide details during call

Greater Operational Efficiency

Based on availability, call history and requirements transfer calls to the best possible agents.

Real-Time Data

Get real-time insights across various parameters and enhance the client experience with business

Round the Clock Service

Easily forward the calls on the go to any number and offer an interrupted support service 24*7

What simply makes R2win the best?

Smart IVR Services

Call recording Feature

Call Routing Facility

Respond to Concurrent Calls

International Service

Multi-lingual Support