Toll-Free Number Services

Toll-Free Number Services

As clients can conveniently connect with your business without any cost, the toll-free number brings a paradigm shift in the customer experience.
It has also been found that advertisements having toll-free number information sell up to 30% more, because of the greater credibility with the brand and the convenience to freely talk with the related executive.
A professional number makes a better impression on the minds and gets you greater leads- means a perfect win-win!
The R2win Toll-Free number services are provided within the state-of-the-art telecommunication infrastructure and an easy-to-remember number series. With our 'client first' commitment and user-friendly support, we ensure that businesses get the best service standards and are always available to their clients.

What Simply Makes R2win the best?

1. Call Tracking

Always have a constant look on your business calls with real-time reporting of all the details.

2. Recording Facility

Better train your staff members using the recordings of their telephonic engagement with clients.


As per the requirements, add multiple departments and an automated voice greeting for them all.

4. Call Mask Facility

Hide the personal numbers & other details to ensure better privacy of clients and other agents.

5. Call Transfer

Directly transfer the ongoing call to other departments or the executives with disconnecting it

6. Call Queue

Smart technology quickly connects clients with the available agent without abandoning the call.

7. Detailed Reports

Daily reports help gain valuable insights that help optimize the service and its management

8. Cloud-Based Service

Our 100% cloud-based services eliminate the need for any extra investment in storage hardware.
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