Enabling the power of SMS Communication

Robust SMS API

A software to sofware interface that doesn't need any human interventaion with 99% availability, super fast response rate


Our technology enables communication without any limit

Enhanced Analytics

Segmented messaging based on user behaviour

Single API for all messaging needs

Intelligent SMS Routing

Premium connectivity at better prices

Data Integration

Integrates with CRM and other communication tools

Campaign Scheduler

Let us manage your campaigns at your convenience

2 Way messaging

Make it interactive for customers

Vernacular Support

Flexibility of messages in any language


Attach short links with messages for better conversions


With the technology advancement ,the old-school conventional tactics are rendered less effective.
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In this era of cutting-edge technologies, the markets are inundated with AI-powered ground-breaking platforms and systems to gain feedback from clients.
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It a cloud-based mobile number for routing the incoming call to the most preferable agent based on the requirements. To enhance the market reach, brands use both national and international numbers for the incoming client calls.
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This timeless statement by Nelson Mandela makes one look at the value of quality education by emphasizing its power. In the last few years, hard-hit by the most pressing pandemic of all times...
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Top-notch customer communication is the ultimate PR strategy for any business.Creating a unique, friendly customer service experience is the most critical aspect for a business.
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About R2Win

At R2Win we believe, to be successful in business one has to have great predictions and it begins with the help of big data. Our technology enables us to deliver our customers with the desired output and at the same time the sense of reliability which we believe is priceless.
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