BI Based SMS & IVR

BI Based SMS & IVR

With the technology advancement ,the old-school conventional tactics are rendered less effective. In this era of Modern marketing, business needs an advanced and effective technology that can help you specifically target segmented prospects and leads at the various stages of the sales funnel.
The business intelligence-powered Messaging and IVR solutions by R2Win help you to deliver the best-performing dissemination of personalized messages to your prospects . It seamlessly integrates with various connectivity channels on different protocols for an enhanced capacity.
Big data marketing can enable you to market on a granular level with personalized, customized messages to which your B2B customers can relate and identify. Big data helps you to target potential clients who most closely match your current clients. Now you can spend less to market to fewer people, while enjoying a higher conversion rate than ever before. Additionally, this same information can help you up-sell and improve the lifetime customer value you achieve.Running the data is not a one-and-done, It is something you will need to keep doing to keep up with your evolving customer base.
Single API for all your messaging needs
Send all the important messages like notifications, one-time passwords, alerts, through our highly secured and robust infrastructure, and get an immediate response. Send the notifications to millions of customers with a single click!
Classification of Messages :

Promotional SMS

Promotional SMS include marketing offers, discount, advertisement for a product.Promotional SMS can only be sent to the Non DND numbers. Timings of promotional messages are 9 am to 8 pm .
Sender ID (Header) can be created for sending promotional messages and it should be of 6 numeric digits . You cannot use alphabetic characters for creating Headers in promotional route and every Header will have a unique ID set by the operator.

Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS route will be reserved only for Banks for sending One Time Password (OTP) to complete a banking transaction initiated by the bank customer. All banks including National/Scheduled/Private/Government and MNC Banks, can use the Transactional route for sending OTP to their customers.
Banks can create Header (Sender ID) of six alphabetic characters for using the Transactional route.

Service SMS

Service (Implicit and Explicit) route allows a brand to send SMS to its customers informing about a product . Header (Sender ID) of six alphabetic characters can be created for sending SMS from the Service route.
There are 2 kinds of categories in Service route – Implicit and Explicit
A. Service Implicit SMS:Informative SMS other than OTP will fall into the category of Service Implicit route. Using this route, important notifications regarding product and services such as purchase confirmation messages, order status, alerts, reminder SMS, etc. can be conveyed to the customers. Promotional SMS cannot be transmitted using the Service Implicit route.
B. Service Explicit SMS: SMS sent to the registered customers after receiving their consent will come under the category of Service Explicit SMS. As an example, If a E-commerce company’s customer has given consent to receive promotional offers , then these SMS will be included in the Service Explicit category. If at any point of time, the customer withdraws and opt-out of receiving these texts, then the SMS will be considered Promotional.